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One Card For Everything Image Credit: Stuff Middle East
One Card For Everything Image Credit: Stuff Middle East

One Card For Everything

One Card For Everything

My finances are a mess, Stuff. Won’t you fix them up for me?

Firstly, you still owe us 20 bucks from way back before Christmas, so don’t think we’ve forgotten about that. Secondly, you’re better off asking Curve for help. It won’t do anything to sort out your overdraft, but it might stop you getting in such a pickle again. How? By using a single card to manage your sprawling network of debit and credit cards, so you needn’t flit between several apps just to find out how much you actually spent this month. Just one will do the job.

So you’re telling me that I should go and get another card?

The Curve Mastercard acts as a cipher for every other card that you’ve connected to its app. When it launches in the Middle East you could use it to pay with your NBD debit card or your credit card from NSBC. Either way, all your outgoings are tracked through the same place to help prevent overspending. You can even switch between cards for a payment that was made up to two weeks beforehand. It’s like travelling in time, without the risk of your mother taking a fancy to you.

OK. Now I’m sold. How do I get one?

Sit around and wait - there’s no word yet on a regional roll out. Demand for the card has been sky-high in the UK since its launch in January. That’s no surprise, since Curve comes with a host of other benefits includin

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