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Instant Upgrades Apple Airpods Image Credit: Stuff Middle East
Instant Upgrades Apple Airpods Image Credit: Stuff Middle East

Instant Upgrades Apple Airpods

Instant Upgrades Apple Airpods


Adding a cover can make your AirPods sound bassier while also improving their fit. These silicone tips have handy holes that ensure the proximity sensor still works, and come in a range of fancy colours. You could also just buy standard foam covers, though you might need to burn holes in them to get ear-detection working.


Always losing your AirPods’ Charging Case? Clip it to a keychain – this one has a Lightning-to-microUSB adaptor for plugging it into a battery pack for a power boost. You could also attach a Bluetooth tracker like Tile to the keyring to warn you when you’ve left it at the coffee shop again.


If you’re anything like us, you’ll leave your Charging Case anywhere except the spot where you charge it. Having a stand seems to be the behavioural nudge our brain needs to actually leave it in a sensible place. This one’s also a charger… and unlike Apple’s AirPower mat, it’s available now.


Without a battery indicator on the AirPods’ case, it can be all too easy to drain them down to commute-ruining levels. Luckily, there are ways to get a quick health check. Open your AirPods’ case and you’ll see a pop-up battery update on your iPhone. Apple Watch owners can also reassure thems

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