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Mat Book Hair Image Credit: Stuff Middle East
Mat Book Hair Image Credit: Stuff Middle East

Mat Book Hair

Microsoft has finally got into the laptop business – but rather than opting for a no-frills power machine, it’s decided to go with fitted carpets

Life is full of mysteries. How did Two and a Half Men last 12 seasons? Who invented the platypus? Why has it taken Microsoft this long to make a laptop?

Just like the Surface Pro before it, the Surface Laptop is a brilliant creation. Unlike it, however, this isn’t a tablet with a detachable keyboard and stylus; it is instead an old-fashioned kind of computer with the looks and performance to rival Apple’s MacBook.

That MacBook comparison is important here, because it and the Surface Laptop are aimed at the same sort of people: folk who do a lot of typing, researching and procrastinating.

Basically, students and journalists with a curiously large chunk of cash to spare and lots of deadlines to hit.

But the Surface isn’t your average portable work machine. First up, it’s covered in carpet. Yep, you heard right - Alcantara, to be specific. Plus, as the world’s first device powered by the new Windows 10 S, it can only run apps you’ve downloaded from the Windows Store. But while that might make it sound like a jazzed-up Chromebook with a hefty price tag, the Surface Laptop is actually one of the standout computers that you can buy right now.

How so? We’ll do our best to explain this head-scratcher…

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