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Foreo Luna 2 Luna 2 For Men Image Credit: Stuff Middle East
Foreo Luna 2 Luna 2 For Men Image Credit: Stuff Middle East

Foreo Luna 2 + Luna 2 For Men

US$260 /

Am I meant to put that to my face?

Too right. The Luna 2 is a facial cleansing gadget purposely designed to be rubbed all over your visage. It stands apart from other similar products because it’s made from medical-grade silicone which is uber hygienic and doesn’t get all gunked up after a good scrub. You simply splash water on your face, apply your preferred moisturiser and rub around your face in 15-second intervals.

So, it’s basically just massaging the dirt out.

It’s a bit more techy than that. The Luna 2 emits 8000 sonic pulses to unclog pores and remove dead skin cells, all so you end up with baby-smooth skin. The procedure only lasts for a minute so you’re not whiling away precious time staring at the mirror. When you’re done, flip it over and lower frequency pulses will reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well.

Judging by that hot pink colour, this isn’t designed for my manly morning routine.

Look a little harder there, Conan. The black version in the back is for blokes just like you - built for the modern man who actually cares about his appearance. Use the Luna 2 edition for men before you shave and it’ll help raise up your beard for a smoother shave, preventing the dreaded razor burn in the process.

Now we’re talking, I hate razor burn.

Indeed. You wouldn’t want to come across looking like a sl

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