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Next Big Thing Modular TV Image Credit: Stuff Middle East
Next Big Thing Modular TV Image Credit: Stuff Middle East

Next Big Thing? Modular TV

Next Big Thing? Modular TV

It’s a World Cup year and I need a TV to properly flaunt my opulence. Sort us out, Stuff?

If you’re looking to really nail that ‘obnoxiously rich’ vibe, then Samsung has you covered this summer. Its new modular TV, named The Wall, is 146 inches from corner to corner and can be expanded as you please with extra panels. Samsung hasn’t mentioned an upper size limit yet, so if you’ve got the funds you could probably keep expanding it until the man on the Moon can join you for England’s inevitable embarrassment.

So it’s just a really big telly? I was hoping for something more extravagant. Maybe with a diamond-encrusted frame.

You’ll have no such luck here. This is a bezel-less affair, so you can slot its panels together without it resembling a glorified chessboard. This is all achieved via the use of MicroLED tech – which, like OLED, emits its own light, meaning deep, dark blacks and brilliant, bright whites. While both sound like adverts for washing powder, the pixels in MicroLED screens are much smaller. Samsung reckons this means they’ll last longer and use less energy.

Now that’s more like it. When can I get hold of this thing?

Samsung is saying later this year, but we’ll be shocked if it isn’t available for the big kick-off between Russia and Saudi Arabia on 14 June. At least then you’ll b

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