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Star Wars Battlefront II Image Credit: Stuff Middle East
Star Wars Battlefront II Image Credit: Stuff Middle East

Star Wars Battlefront II

Every fan dreams of lightsaber duels, spaceship dogfights and battling on Endor… and DICE’s new online multiplayer shoot-up has it all – but it also has a rather nasty dark side

This Star Wars shooter has a lot in common with the Death Star. When working as intended, both are monsters in their respective fields… but where the Death Star had a terrible design flaw that ultimately left it in ruins, Battlefront II has something similar: microtransactions.

By including the option to use real money to purchase upgrades, the balance in player power has become frustratingly lopsided. Buy Darth Vader and you can butcher your way through rebel armies between coughs. Or you could purchase power-ups called Star Cards, which arm you with the likes of an Acid Launcher or speedy health regeneration. These things undoubtedly bring with them an overwhelming advantage.

At the time of writing, the ability to use real-world cash for these upgrades has been suspended; but that’s done little to solve the issue, as it still takes a long, long time to raise the in-game currency yourself. Anyone who has already poured many hours into the game will still be overpowered by those who bought their strength.

Forget about the progression system, though, and this is a fantastically fun game. With five online modes, there’s plenty to keep you hooked for weeks. Chief among them is the epic 20v20 Galactic Assault, where you’re assigned objectives such as taking down an AT-AT Walker and invading Naboo’s Royal Palace.

Classes add a lot of variety too. The Specialist’s sniper rifle means straying fro

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