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A Dream Cam True Image Credit: Stuff Middle East
A Dream Cam True Image Credit: Stuff Middle East

A Dream Cam True

Nikon’s D850 has the specs to make it the ultimate all-round DSLR… so can it match up to expectations?

The ultra-high detail of a 45.7MP sensor, a speedy burst mode, 4K video and an optical viewfinder with super-high magnification… the Nikon D850 wants you to cross every other camera off your wish list with a big black marker pen. On paper, this is about as good an all-round DSLR as you can buy.

The D850 is covered in a vast array of dials and buttons, putting pretty much every control you could want at the tips of your fingers. It’s a comfortable camera to use for long periods of time, and is sealed against the assorted delights of the dusty Middle East weather.

The amount of detail the D850 can resolve is simply awesome. Its all-purpose metering system ensures well-balanced exposures with superb precision in shadow and highlights. Colours are rich and punchy, having a nice level of vibrancy without being unrealistic.

As well as offering super-high resolution, this is a camera that copes pretty well with fast-moving subjects. It can shoot at up to 9fps, and the AF system is the same one found in the fantastic D5.

Having such a powerful sensor means massive file sizes, but you can shoot in lower-res modes and still have access to RAW files. There’s also a silent mode for not disturbing anyone at your grandad’s bowls tournament.

For pro-friendly features, this is pretty much as good as it gets

The Nikon D850 has a load of excellent features that will appeal to anyone who’s looking for a camer

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