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Weve Had It Up To Ear Image Credit: Stuff Middle East
Weve Had It Up To Ear Image Credit: Stuff Middle East

We've Had It Up To Ear

Google’s new smart earbuds promise high-quality audio, AI skills and snug comfort… but deliver mostly frustration

The Pixel 2 is an almost perfect smartphone – which makes Google’s Pixel Buds all the more baffling. These new Bluetooth earphones are meant to be the ideal partner for your new Google phone. But, despite their Google Assistant smarts, they don’t sound great and don’t fit so well either.

A rough poll of Stuff HQ delivered an even split between those who found the fit to be OK and those who really struggled. Since you place them on your outer ear, they don’t sit very snugly. In the wrong lugs, they’ll never feel truly secure.

They’re not completely wireless as there’s a band linking the two ’phones, but they’re sleek and come in a fabric charging case that can top up their battery four times over. You’ll get about five hours of music off one charge.

They connect to your phone in seconds and boast a special power that you won’t find in any normal earphones: Google Assistant. Yes, by tapping and holding on the right bud you’ll awaken Google’s rival to Siri and Alexa, to use just as you would on your phone.

Sound quality is decent but, like a bad DJ, the Buds overdo the bass to the point where it’s faintly preposterous. The Horrors’ V album seems as though it’s been mixed for Ministry of Sound instead of your sleepy commute.

If these Buds are the future, we’re fine with the present for now

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