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Oh You Pretty Finns Image Credit: Stuff Middle East
Oh You Pretty Finns Image Credit: Stuff Middle East

Oh You Pretty Finns

Nokia is bringing the early noughties to 2017 with a reimagining of a classic… but as this dumbphone shows, some things are better off left in the past.

Tamagotchis. Cassette players. The penny farthing bicycle. They all had their time, but now they’ve been consigned to history. Until February, you’d have put Nokia’s iconic 3310 among them. But not any more – the Finnish classic is back, rebooted and ready to cash in on our demand for nostalgia. Hey, anything to distract us from Trump, Brexit and whatever else 2017 is planning to throw our way.

But is the new 3310 solely a nostalgia-inducing machine? Not quite. It’s a fine festival phone. Your gran could pick one up and not be instantly bamboozled. Stash one in a drawer or the glove box and you’re covered if your expensive main phone takes a tumble. But that’s about it.

If you’ve been dying to type out messages in T9 text speak, the 3310 fits the bill, and it’s got battery life that’ll shame the smartphone in your pocket right now – but is that enough to justify the $55 price tag? Not really, when you consider that you can pick up a similar-specced phone from a supermarket shelf for a ten bucks.

Time to take off those rosetinted glasses and see the new 3310 for what it is: a marketing ploy that you really shouldn’t waste your money on.

1 Hard habit to break With its curvy plastic shell, the new 3310 shows an unmistakable likeness to the original – only this 2017 edition is thinner and lighter. And all that plastic means it won’t shatter into a millio

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