iOS Apple Autocorrect iPhone iPad Image Credit: Macworld
iOS Apple Autocorrect iPhone iPad Image Credit: Macworld

How To Fix Autocorrect In iOS

What to do when you get inappropriate suggestions from the iOS autocorrect feature.

Glenn Fleishmann

You’re tapping along on your iPhone or iPad, and suddenly an ordinary letter or word gets replaced by something bizarre. We’re all used to auto correct picking up weird expansions, which happens partly because Apple has introduced machine learning (go. into how it predicts what you might intend to type.

However, you might also be the victim of a prank, and if you have children or people with child-like humor around you, you probably know who did it, too. A Macworld reader whose identity I shall wisely keep secret in order to spare them further embarrassment, wrote in with this question:

When I type in the letter I, I get the following “i see dem jeanzzz,” and when I type in the word “hi,” I get “You a big green stankie bugger.” How do i stop this from happening?

While it’s possible iOS’s auto correct learned this from repeated entries, it’s more likely that someone gained access to your device and set a shortcut. While I don’t want to impugn young people, a young friend admitted this when I mentioned prank auto correct substitutions:

Once, I made “Hello” auto correct to “Salutations” on my mom’s phone.

You can check one method for this kind of substitution through these steps:

1. Open Settings → General → Keyboards → Text Replacements.

2. Review the list

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