Apple News Subscription iPhone iPad Image Credit: Macworld
Apple News Subscription iPhone iPad Image Credit: Macworld

Apple Is Poised To Take Another Swing At News Subscriptions And This Time It Might Work

If the price and content is right.

Michael Simon

Raise your hand if you remember The Daily ( daly). Back when the iPad still had a 30-pin connection port, Apple teamed up with News Corp to bring a new type of publication to the burgeoning tablet market featuring exclusive, interactive content, rich animations, and touch-focused games. It cost a buck a week or $40 a year and was delivered to Apple’s Newsstand app on the iPad each morning. It lasted less than two years (

The biggest problem with The Daily was that it was too middle-of-the-road. Even after the early bugs were squashed, The Daily’s content was too generic to find a dedicated audience, a death knell in today’s 24/7 news culture. But Apple hasn’t given up on making subscription news a feature on iPhones and iPads. Just last month Apple announced it had acquired magazine delivery app Texture (, and according to a new report from Mark Gurman at Bloomberg (, a “premium subscription” news service is on the way.

If you hadn’t heard of Texture before Apple gobbled it up, the service offers all-you-can-read access to hundreds of magazines for $10 a month (Macworld among them). The service is one of the most popular apps in both the Google Play ( and iOS App (go. stores, with thousands of five-star ratings.

Gurman says Apple is working on integrating Texture technology into Apple N

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