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Katherine Nunez Image Credit: Latin Connection Magazine
Katherine Nunez Image Credit: Latin Connection Magazine

Inspirations - Katherine Nunez

Katherine Nunez is a tiny human with big goals and big dreams.

Her projects were kept secret within the time of her silence from fashion and entertainment. She has disappeared from the entertainment industry to earn her degree but also to strategize her come back after a 5-year retirement from her dreams. She has come a long way since her makeup artist days. Anyone that has followed her in the entertainment industry known her since 2010 when she modeled her own makeup line, networking with celebrities and many influential people in the industry in Miami, Florida. She has used her image in many ways to gain the attention needed for her company KN Cosmetics/Face Future LLC. She sold both companies and decided on another journey.

After her degree and a few years later she is back stronger than ever and 2020 will only be the beginning of a new product that may cause some new stirs in the beauty business. We don’t mean a stir for women but for men! With projects in Miami, New York, and Amsterdam by Spring and Fall of 2020 and focusing on beauty for males. Katherine indicated: “It has been a long journey to create an actual real product. Now we are working on the packaging and once this is initiated and completed, we will market our product strong. 2020 will be a good year because it is when we will create a buzz before we launch.” She feels that the image of her new project will appeal nicely for males since it will have a retro feel mixed with sensuality to market her product.

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