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Depression Anxiety Image Credit: The Platform Magazine
Depression Anxiety Image Credit: The Platform Magazine

CK Chitali Kudtarkar India, Soul Talk

A Soul Talk is a new column to acknowledge a divine guidance our soul craves for… A Soul Food.

CK Chaitali Kudtarkar

I will mostly discuss on life, an ancient wisdom and spiritual science. Like our physical body, our soul needs nourishment which can be obtain through being in the nature, meditation, yoga, positive affirmation and prayers. There are many other ways as well which I will discuss in the forthcoming articles. In simple words we are here to discover a soul language. There is a way soul communicates to our physical body. Did you ever listen to the voice of your soul which always guides you? It is call a gut feeling or intuition. I was guided by my spirit guides to write on this topic so I can connect with the collective and channel the message for those who are in need.

Let’s talk on Life today. Life is a beautiful journey. It’s a wonderful blessing. Universe has given us everything to sustain and live it fully but somehow we have made it so much complicated that it has truly lost its essence. A mankind has forgotten a true purpose of life and simply running behind materialistic object. There is so much more to life than simply wake up, do the job you don’t like, earn money and pay the bills. I agree we need to fulfill our basic needs and we have a family to look after. But that doesn’t mean that we should only focus on making money, work like a donkey, not take a rest and pay the hospitals bills at the end. Life is not a race neither a competition, so hold on. We all are here to experience a different life than others. Do not get overwhelmed with

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