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Slumberjack Deadfall 65 Pack Incog Jacket Image Credit: Successful Hunter
Slumberjack Deadfall 65 Pack Incog Jacket Image Credit: Successful Hunter

Slumberjack Deadfall 65 Pack & Incog Jacket

A recent opportunity came up to test the Slumberjack Deadfall 65 pack and Incog jacket in the company’s Disruptive Shadow Technology (DST) camoflage pattern.

Jeremiah Polacek

They were put through a series of hunts in Arizona. The first was a deer hunt in October; the pack held everything needed for 10 days. The Deadfall 65 carried optics and tripods, along with my normal gear. The weight of the pack was just under 5 pounds when empty and 45 pounds when loaded. The gear attached quickly by using the straps and buckles, which allowed for quick setup and takedown of glassing equipment. Both pack and jacket performed very well.

Over the next few months, the Slumberjack gear was put through its paces. The pack was used throughout hunts along with the Incog jacket, which made a perfect all-around jacket that was warm early in the morning while hiking and glassing. Its lightweight construction made it easily carried. When the weather got warmer, it stuffed nicely into a pocket-size pouch.

The Deadfall 65 has three outer pockets and one on the top for smaller items. The large center compartment works great for packing out game or other large items. It is extremely versatile and had plenty of room for all of my gear and whatever else I wanted to throw in the pack. The pack even has an outer flap with buckles to secure and strap on quartered game. This is extremely helpful for large loads or when a hunter has other items in the main compartment that should not come in contact with meat. The aluminum frame is lightweight, quite sturdy and remains balanced and comfortable when moving over rough terrain.

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