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Once In A Lifetime Ram
Once In A Lifetime Ram
Randy Stetzer had always dreamed of a once-in-a-lifetime bighorn tag and felt like he won the lottery when he drew the East Deschutes, Biggs Unit license in Oregon.
Brad Fenson

The summer was spent scouting the area and getting into “sheep shape.” November rolled around, and it was time for the hunt. A solid team was assembled: Randy’s son Ben, friends Rick Harris, Ian Fergusson and Pete Donahower.

The crew spent the weekend scanning the hillsides to identify a mature ram, as the hunt started Monday. The last afternoon of scouting paid off when they glassed the hillside and spotted a couple of rams. The bigger, darker ram had horns that came fully around and below the jawline then flared out at the tips. It was the “one,” no question.

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November - December 2019