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With Great Power ComesGreat Responsibility Image Credit: Galatta Cinema
With Great Power ComesGreat Responsibility Image Credit: Galatta Cinema

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

There’s a new cop in tinseltown and he’s got what it takes to bring the bad guys down! ARUN VIJAY is all muscled-up and ready in his crisp khakis as he embarks upon an action-packed thriller tailor-made for him by director ARIVAZHAGAN. Titled KUTTRAM 23 the movie has Arun Vijay chasing after a villain within the sanctified walls of a hospital. The movie is produced by Inder Kumar’s REDHAN, The Cinema People and co-produced by Arun Vijay’s IN CINEMA ENTERTAINMENT. As the team works day-in and day-out, putting finishing touches on the movie KAANCHAN PRASHANTH catches up with them for exclusive insights on what seems to be an exciting ride in the waiting...

Kaanchan Prashanth


What always impresses us with Arun Vijay is his ‘never say die’ attitude. Every time he steps into character, he does it like he’s got his life on the line. Never wanting to piggy-back on his father’s name, he’s been toiling away to make one of his own. “To make my acting debut, it helped that I was Vijaykumar’s son. But that’s it. Neither my dad nor I wanted to use his name to push me forward. So it has been a rough ride,” he says but we don’t see any traces of fatigue or regret. Instead there is a gleam of hope in his eyes, that only gets brighter as he discusses Kuttram 23. “Doing the villain’s part in Yennai Arindhaal, put a new spin on my career. The way the character was received made me realise that people were ready to accept me in serious roles. And so I decided that was the way to go.” He’s not rushing, but he’s most certainly not chilling at the beach getting a glorious tan!

On the other hand there is director Arivazhagan. He gave horror a new twang when he made Eeram and has ever since been exploring various genres of cinema at an unhurried but sure-footed pace. His movies balance out action, drama and intrigue, and leave a lasting impact on the audience. “He seeks perfection in what he does. You just cannot rush him,” says Arun Vij

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