Lomboy Farms A Pioneer Of Philippine Viticulture Image Credit: Agriculture
Lomboy Farms A Pioneer Of Philippine Viticulture Image Credit: Agriculture

Lomboy Farms: A Pioneer Of Philippine Viticulture

VITICULTURE is the science, study, and production of grapes that is practiced nearly everywhere in the world. It’s widely used in winemaking and growing grapes because it deals with vineyard management to ensure a good harvest.

Patricia Bianca S. Taculao

Lomboy Farms in Barangay Urayong, Bauang, La Union is regarded as a pioneer in utilizing viticulture in the Philippines. They have developed the proper technology while conducting experiments on how to increase grape production given the country’s conditions.

According to Gracia C. Lomboy, 39, the proprietor of Lomboy Farms, the technology developed enables grape growers to harvest three times a year where one season is good, one is scarce, and one is average.

These advancements from the farm have changed the local grape industry and have been adopted by most of the grape growers in La Union, also known as the Grape Capital of the Philippines.


Lomboy Farms is a family-owned business that’s primarily engaged in grape production, agri-tourism, and post-harvest processing. It was established in 1972 by Avelino Lomboy, who was initially employed in a rural bank.

“He wanted to earn extra income for his family’s needs as well as to explore the possibility of having a high-value agribusiness that can replace tobacco production in the community,” the young Lomboy said.

Lomboy added that Avelino was challenged by the prospect of growing a high-value crop in the Philippines.

Avelino Lomboy later discovered the market potential of growing grapes. He started with 10 cuttings that he got from Cebu. It took him two years to research and develop the proper training technique.

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