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Just Putting It Image Credit: Mercedes-Benz India
Just Putting It Image Credit: Mercedes-Benz India

Just Putting It

A rich man’s sport, golf has caught the interest of a new breed of corporates in India who are fast learning to navigate their way in the greens.

Kevin Pilley

In July 2015, in an interview to Fortune magazine, Donald Trump, the current President of the US, spoke fondly of the sport of golf, saying, 'Let golf stay for the rich elites.' That statement rang out loud amongst corporate head honchos across the world, including India, training the spotlight on the rich man’s sport in the country, more than ever before. Today, the game is a favourite among the corporate elite in the country who have pried the sport out of the strangleholds of a select few.

Golf in India is relatively low key, despite boasting one of the oldest golf clubs in the world – The Royal Calcutta Golf Club, opened in 1829. Part of the exclusive history of the sport in India also stems from the fact that out of the 200-odd golf courses in the country, over half of them belong to the Indian defence forces. The limited privileges accorded in accessing the sport have been a major reason for it staying out of the reach of the common populace. Perhaps this itself has become a blessing in disguise for those interested in the sport. The high standards set by those playing golf since the time of the British Raj, have ensured that in a post-colonial world, the standards associated with the sport have not dropped in the quest to let everyone throng club greens acros

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