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Nissan Pathfinder Automotive Crossover Image Credit: Truck Trend
Nissan Pathfinder Automotive Crossover Image Credit: Truck Trend

2013-2017 Nissan Pathfinder

The Nissan Pathfinder is a midsize crossover with three rows of seating.

By Colin Ryan

That puts it in competition with such daunting rivals as the Honda Pilot, Ford Explorer, and Toyota Highlander. Finding the path to an ideal pre-owned Pathfinder takes some careful navigation. Before getting into that, though, let’s see what it has to offer.

We’re looking at the current (fourth) generation of Pathfinder, which replaced a more rugged and SUV like third generation. This version employs unibody construction, weighing nearly 500 pounds less than its body-on-frame predecessor. Using 2017 as our cut-off point enables potential buyers to also consider certified pre-owned (CPO) examples, where there’s an advantageous balance between price and warranty.

For a family runabout, the Pathfinder could be an excellent choice. It’s no enthusiast machine, but it does have a forgiving ride quality. The second-row seat slides and reclines, for both comfort and easy access to the third row. As long as they’re no bigger than average, a couple of adults could sit in that third row—which can also recline. The second-row seats split and fold 60/40; the third row splits and folds 50/50. Cargo space is around average for the class. Behind the third row is 16 cubic feet. With the second and third rows folded flat, that expands to 79.8 cubic feet. There’s also some underfloor stowage. Maximum towing capacity, with the appropriate equipment, was

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