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Land Rover Discovery Sport SUV Image Credit: Truck Trend
Land Rover Discovery Sport SUV Image Credit: Truck Trend

2018 Land Rover Discovery - Been Business As Usual

It reminded us of a schoolyard fight—the two biggest kids on the playground stubbornly standing toe-to-toe, wildly pummeling each other with haymakers, neither willing to concede defeat.

Christian Hazel

That was our second long-term report on our 2018 Land Rover Discovery HSE Luxury. A slew of mechanical and electrical problems left us bleeding from the proverbial nose, but after several repeat visits to our local Land Rover dealership and six weeks with it out of our custody, we have met in the middle of the ring to call a draw. Now that we’ve been back in the saddle for several months, we’re glad to report that, for the most part, it’s been business as usual.

Add fuel, start engine, drive, and repeat: That’s what you’re looking for in any modern mode of simple transportation. And simple transportation has been what we’re using the Disco for this time around. Doing the Groundhog Day ritual of commuting, school carpool, and sports shuttling, with no sexy off-roading adventures, heroic tales of trailering right up to the weight limit, or exciting long-range drives. But it’s in repetition where you often find the truth of a vehicle. In town the Disco feels agile, thanks to its tight turning radius, ability to snake into cramped parking spots, and the way it parallel parks with ease. The camera systems are super helpful, not only the standard backup camera, but also the 360-degree display that points out objects the high beltline may otherwise obscure. It just feels smaller than it really is.

One gri

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