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Yoga Image Credit: Yoga and Total Health
Yoga Image Credit: Yoga and Total Health

Work Right, Sleep Right

Today, one of the most common things after fast food is nightlife.

Swati Chitalia

Our scriptures talk of sleeping and waking up early, but youngsters argue that they want to just follow their ‘body clock’. Over a million years, we humans have evolved in the same way, with our body having a strong relationship with Nature. Attempting to alter this in one life span is something that our body cells are not probably trained for. Lifestyle has surely changed from those years with the invention of lights, but that does not mean that one does not use natural light at all!

Is there anything wrong with working at night and sleeping in the day? Is it going to cause any harm if one has late nights every day? Is there any special advantage to being an early riser? Let us look at this from various perspectives.

1. Late nights create bad eating habits – Studies have shown that almost everyone who stays up late at night tends to consume more calories by eating more junk. This also leads to extra weight.

2. Late nights weaken your immune system – Hormone levels in the body keep fluctuating during different times of the day. The natural cycles of the body get disturbed when we try to reverse the biological clock. If the body doesn’t get enough rest, it results in cold, acidity, fever, etc. due to the decrease in immunity.

3. My ‘own’ body clock – There is no such thing as your own body clock. It’s just one human biological clock that each body

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