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Yoga Image Credit: Yoga and Total Health
Yoga Image Credit: Yoga and Total Health

From The Archives Of Yoga And Total Health - Reminisces

Published in ‘ Yoga and Total Health’ November 1990

Rahul Sridhar

A schoolboy walking to school at 7 a.m. is startled by the radio blaring the tunes of a Shehnai. The source of the sound is the window just above the main office of The Yoga Institute. I look up and see, like every day, the bearded, saintly old man with captivating eyes, beating time to the music on the window sill. It was many years later that I came to know Shri Yogendraji and his family personally. “A Window on Yoga” is how I interpret that window Darshan of Shri Yogendraji, which I watched with unfailing regularity for many years.

Many years have rolled by. A year before he shed his mortal coil, I sat in his room while he talked to me. He was in a reminiscent mood.

Even at the ripe age of 92, his clarity of memory and speech were remarkable. There was no hesitation, not even a fumbling for dates or events. When I went and sat before him, he immediately detected that I was suffering from a cold and sore throat. He advised me about the steps to be taken to prevent and cure the disease, no matter how trivial it may be.

He talked about the premises of The Yoga Institute and said that his first task on the premises was to eliminate snakes. With a stick in one hand, he would land an effective and fatal blow. At the same time, he had no fear or hatred towards the snakes. On the contrary, he described to me the sight of these reptiles, with hoods spread, on the steps or pathways of the Institute. For a few seconds, he was lost in contemplation of

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