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Faith the Cornerstone of Spirituality in Yoga Image Credit: Yoga and Total Health
Faith the Cornerstone of Spirituality in Yoga Image Credit: Yoga and Total Health

Faith, the Cornerstone of Spirituality in Yoga

My mother was a woman of deep religious faith. Even as an octogenarian she would go for early mass to the church, a 10 minute walk away. Even when her knees gave way, she would drag her feet but would not miss the early morning mass.

Harry Sequeira

Finally, the parish priest, coming to know her great devotion and faith said, “Mrs. Sequeira, from now on, the church will come to you, you need not come to the church. We will come and say the ‘Mass’ near your bedside.” It was as if Christ would come to give her the holy communion at her dying bed.

When I joined The Yoga Institute, my family - rigid orthodox Catholics - were worried about my ‘faith.’ Thus when my bedridden mother asked me, “Do you have faith?” I asked her, “Do you mean the Catholic religion faith.” She said, “No, faith in the Larger Reality.” “Yes,” I answered. “A little bit, but growing.”

Her faith gave her strength. We were 10 brothers and sisters, and to feed and educate them was a herculean task. But, she seemed to have had a great strength of spirit. She invented dishes from the surrounding flora and fauna, and fed us. Never did we go to bed hungry.

She had a sharp memory. When we were sick, she would recite from her encyclopaedic memory, the adequate Ayurvedic herbs to make us an ‘infusion’ of tea, which was so bitter. During numerous occasions, with falls, injuries and so forth, I would try to heal myself first, rather than scoot to a doctor, and have dependency creating drugs. The inner strength which my mother spoke about, gave us the faith in self help.

She would recite a rosary, those big ones which the Fr

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