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My Back Story Image Credit: Yoga and Total Health
My Back Story Image Credit: Yoga and Total Health

My Back Story

I was a complete gym freak and I worked out almost 7 days a week. My workout routine was jogging for 45 minutes, thrice a week and weights training 3 days a week.

Manisha Sharma

Even on most Sundays I would land up jogging. To intensify my workout I joined a kick boxing class. It was quite strenuous and to be better at it I became my own task master. I used to feel so great after every class for I was able to do more. In one of the kick boxing sessions I developed a severe lower back pain while doing the high kicks. I didn’t pay much attention to it and continued my work out as usual. Then one day at work I couldn’t sit, something felt wrong. My colleagues immediately took me to Bombay Hospital and after checking me, the doctor said that I had a slip disc. I didn’t believe him, but on that same evening I met another spine specialist who confirmed the same. He also explained the first treatment for slip disc is complete bed rest. I was petrified to hear that, yet I tried to delude myself that it will be over in 15 days. But destiny had planned a new beginning for me that couldn’t be fulfilled with 15 days of bed rest.

I was a superwoman who was working full time, taking care of a child, running the house and managing a hectic social life. I couldn’t fathom being on the bed rest and “not doing anything”. It was a challenging phase of my life and the ordeal continued for 6 months! To complicate the matter my case was so bad that surgery was the only answer. Inside my heart I felt that surgery may leave me paralysed. I don’t know from where this illogical fear got into me.

Without surgery the

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