Yoga and Total Health
Health Image Credit: Yoga and Total Health
Health Image Credit: Yoga and Total Health


Health needs attention like any other external thing. But we take our health for granted, we have the habit of pulling on, dragging on. For such kind of things as a little headache, a little pain in the knees, etc. we don’t want to do anything.

Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra in Parisamvada

In fact many go to a doctor at a very late stage. The awareness and consciousness about the body, its mechanism, its working is lacking. With respect to mental health it is still worse. So, as I keep on repeating, the World Health Organization has warned that in the next ten years the highest number of deaths will be due to mental illness.

The body keeps giving us signals such as a little discomfort, a little ache, a little inability to do certain things, but we are so obsessed with our own ideas and with our own work, that we don’t care. After all, if there is some problem somewhere, it needs attention, otherwise it will multiply. Most of the times when the problem becomes serious it is indicated quite a long time earlier. This consciousness about the body can come through yoga because we are in touch with the body. We are breathing consciously, bending, stretching, putting some pressure on the abdomen and other areas, so immediately we can come to know.

If we are more conscious, then we understand about our hunger whether it is real or not. That also is a great indicator.

So, the body has mechanisms to inform, but the point is whether we maintain any priority for health besides the fact that it should be good just for day-to-day work. Work we may do with a very wretched body also. To be in very good condition all the time and to work with that would be the ideal. There are some who, throughout their life, hardly have periods when they are sick or

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