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Yogis Of India Image Credit: Yoga and Total Health
Yogis Of India Image Credit: Yoga and Total Health

Yogis Of India

Raja Bharthari was a Nath Panth Yogi, and also a ruler of Ujjain in the 1st Century B.C. He was the eldest son of King Gandharva Sen, and was renowned as a just ruler, a poet and a Yogi.

Raja Bharthari

Folklore says that once a Brahman after many years of penance had obtained a fruit of immortality from the celestial tree Kalpavriksha. He offered it to King Bharthari, who in turn offered it to his youngest and most favourite queen Pinglah Rani. However, the Queen was deeply in love with the stable keeper and in turn offered the fruit to him. The stable keeper loved the palace maid, so the fruit landed up with the maid. The maid in turn felt that the rightful owner of the fruit was the King himself, as he was a just King and the boon of immortality would help the King rule the kingdom for many years to come. Thus the fruit moving from one hand to another, ended up with the King. The King was surprised and deeply saddened to learn about the queen’s infidelity. The incident changed his life.

The King, who was once so engrossed in worldly affairs, became totally disillusioned with the material world. He understood the true nature of the world. All pleasures are transitory and are like a mirage, and at the end all that they leave us with, is pain. He immediately renounced his kingdom to his younger brother Vikramaditya and became a monk, living on alms.

Bharthari later became a follower of Guru Gorakhnath. He treatised the Subhashita Trishati, consisting of the trilogy of Sringara Sataka, Neeti Sataka and Vairagya Sataka which were based on his own personal

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