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Mother Of The Bride: Covergirl
Wedding in Scotland? Best wear layers! Rosie Patrick consults the designers who’ve got warmth – and style – all wrapped up

The minute summer’s over, most of us breathe a sigh of relief. Finally, it’s our time to shine. We may love the idea of basking in the sun for months on end, but the reality of dressing for it is another matter. Tell me you weren’t secretly thrilled to dig out that transitional mack and cashmere scarf from the back of the wardrobe, or to wear tights again at last? Living in this unpredictable climate of ours, layering is, inevitably, what we do best.

And when it’s such a strength, why shouldn’t we apply it to our occasionwear, not least for practicality? A stand-alone dress, no matter how spectacular, isn’t going to cut it when your daughter is tying the knot up a mountain. Just ask bride Laura Geyer, whose epic elopement is featured on p.92. “My mum got very cold on the day – we should have double-checked everyone had warm enough jackets!” she says. “You can’t control the weather. Prepare for the worst.”

And even if you’re indoors, you’ll likely need some kind of cover-up. But can this be done without compromising on glamour?


This next paragraph is partly sponsored by Meghan Trainor. All together now, you know we’re all about that base, about that base… “Start with a simple dress, or trousers and top,” advises Glasgow couturier Joyce Young. “Know your body. What are your assets, and which areas would you rather disguise? If you have larger hips, a tapered skirt could be a flattering silhouette for you. If you have an ample bust, you may want to consider a low V-neck. Otherwise, a classic, straight sleeveless dress or tunic and trousers, preferably in the same colour, is a good foundation. That way, you can build in chiffons and georgettes for a floaty aesthetic that’s more complementary than stiff, structured fabrics.”

“Something pared-back and not too fussy in crepe or chiffon would work well,” agrees designer Veni Infantino. “A delicate pattern is fine but big, loud prints are difficult to layer and are better off as a one-piece. Anything too rigid, such as mikado, works better on its own.”


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