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I Started Fur Ball Story Image Credit: Creature Companions
I Started Fur Ball Story Image Credit: Creature Companions

I Started Fur Ball Story

To Spread Paw-Sitivity And Unconditional Love In The World

Animesh Katiyar

While the students were busy giving belly rubs and getting sloppy kisses, one of them sat down to observe the drastic change in the atmosphere and decided to spread this unconditional love in the world. That student was me - I noticed that when I got to foster these pups, I felt a lot calmer and my blood sugar levels also stabilised. This experience was followed by extensive research in the field via which I came across articles and research studies of Harvard Medical College and Virginia Commonwealth University, which had conclusive proof of the stress reducing benefits of companion animals. That is how Fur Ball Story was born. We started our operations at Pet Fed 2016 in New Delhi and since then there has been no looking back.

Imagine this, you were at your office and were yelled at by your boss because you couldn’t adhere to the deadlines. You cannot share this with your husband because he is already suffering from stress at work. At this juncture, the HR of your company organises a session wherein dogs are brought to your office for the employees to spend some time with. The moment you enter that room, 3 big balls of fur come running to you with wagging tails. While you spend some time with them, you are in awe of those adorable eyes that look at you in a non-judgmental manner and those sloppy kisses that are wiping your blues away. That pretty much sums up the experience of our clients.

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