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The Basics Of Betta Fish Keeping Image Credit: Creature Companions
The Basics Of Betta Fish Keeping Image Credit: Creature Companions

The Basics Of Betta Fish Keeping

The appearance of Betta splendens or Siamese fighting fish attracts most fish keepers.

Rajiv Sharma

These colourful fishes come from the slow moving waters of rice paddies, stagnant pools and streams of South East Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Their body is streamlined and covered with scales. The scales are coated with a layer of mucus. This mucus layer protects the fish from infections. The scales of Bettas are almost colourless. The vivid colouration of Betta fish comes from pigment cells present in their skin. In nature, they are not found as colourful as the ones available in pet shops. Their red, blue, white, black, yellow and other striking colours are a result of selective breeding. Due to its vibrant colours and long fins, the Betta is one of the most popular pet fish.

Bettas can survive in low oxygenated water and a wide range of different environments. They have a unique labyrinth organ that allows them to breathe directly from air. They are capable of breathing in air, so most pet shops keep them in small pots or bowls where they can hardly swim. This is unethical and cruelty towards freshwater animals.

Ideal Conditions for Keeping Bettas

Keeping Bettas in small pots and bowls can hurt them. They need consistent water parameters and temperature. The acceptable water temperature is 22° Celsius to 26° Celsius. The pH should be between 6-8. Sudden changes in water parameters are very harmful for their health.

Bettas like shallow tanks in comparison with deep tanks. So, a 20

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