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Keeping the Fire Burning Is a Little Tricky!

The lovely DIPANNITA SHARMA tells NICHOLA PAIS that the love isn’t over just because you have momentarily been attracted to someone else or lost some physical attraction for your current partner.

Nichola Pais

COFFEE WITH D is your recent release. If you could have coffee with any three people this Valentine’s, who would they be?

a) Chris Hems worth because he’s just too gorgeous and hot

b) Meryl Streep because she’s my all time favourite actress and I would like to know her as a person a little bit

c) Mom because I haven’t seen her in 6 months 

How would you describe love?

Love is that unexplainable feeling that hits you in a spur of the moment but has the potential of growing into something much deeper in the times to come. I think that translates to pure happiness!

Has your definition of love changed over the years?

Well, I feel it has... in the sense that I realise there are so many different kinds and different versions of love, which you feel intensely about. Whether it’s momentary, whether it’s long term, what you feel at that moment is real and that’s what matters... It’s not something that you can explain to anyone but just feel and allow it to make you happy or take you through a plethora of emotions.

Do you feel books, films etc. promote an unreal image of love which reality cannot match up to?

Of course they do. I think the context of love is always misplaced in most films and the lighter romantic books. Just because you have momentarily gotten attracted to someone else or lost some physical attraction for your current partner, doesn’t mean the love is over. That’s forever. Nor is it wrong to get attracted to another person because we are all human... yes because we live within particular societal norms we are expected to make the ‘right’ decision.

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February 2017