Kriti Sanon Image Credit: CineBlitz
Kriti Sanon Image Credit: CineBlitz

Kriti Sanon: 'I'm The Best Girlfriend'

She is glamorous, gorgeous, gracious. She would be your perfect Valentine provided you love the ‘jhalli’ in her, as much as you love her femininity. Kriti Sanon lays down her conditions, while Shubarna Mukerji Shu takes notes.

Shubarna Mukerji Shu

Everyone around me went berserk when I told them Kriti Sanon is our Valentine’s Day girl. You realise you are the epitome of all things lovely and girly?

Really? They actually said that? WOW! I will take that as a compliment of course. However, people who know me really well will know that there are two sides to me. My mother sometimes looks at me and wonders aloud, ‘How did this girl ever become an actress?!’ I guess it is the ‘Delhi’ in me. I can be very feminine with lace and frills, and then turn into a complete jhalla the very next moment. I guess, it is the inherent moohfattness that Delhiites are born with. We all have the foot-in-the-mouth disease, our brain to mouth filter is almost always dysfunctional so we tend to speak before we think… Result? The whole femininity thing goes out of the window when you least expect it!

But that’s the way I am. When you see me at home, I am dressed like a complete jhalla, lounging, bingeing and enjoying being around my family. But that’s why it is home, na? You don’t have to make an effort to be on your best behaviour.

Speaking about being on your best behaviour brings another question to my mind... There are times when one is trying to build a relationship with someone and, in the process of putting our best

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