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Start Fast During The Shields First Days Image Credit: Musky Hunter
Start Fast During The Shields First Days Image Credit: Musky Hunter

Start Fast During The Shield's First Days

Fishing the Canadian Shield during the first couple weeks of the season is awesome! A number of lakes and variety of water types can be within striking distance from one destination.

Luke Ronnestrand

Shallow, dark, “meso” water and deep, clear, “trout” water can even be in the same system, so it’s easy to find muskies to catch regardless of the spring’s weather to date.

When Ontario’s season opens on the third Saturday in June, muskies can be post-spawn to fully recovered from the spawn and aggressively feeding in shallow, warm water. Having the opportunity to use both types of water is important because they are usually weeks apart with regard to water temperature and fish location. Trout water lakes are colder overall and the majority of muskies generally spawn later in them than in the darker, shallower lakes and river systems.

The idea is to not be targeting spawning muskies or be fishing just as muskies vacate the shallows right after spawning and head to deeper water to recover. Generally, colder springs are better on the trout water and warmer years are better on the darker water. If you are not finding muskies where you want to on one type of water, try the same locations on the other and there’s a good chance you will end up successful!

Musky location

Finding muskies should be as simple as finding the warmest water. Small and large bays, shallow island cuts, large saddles and creek/river inlets are all great areas to start. Sand is the common denominator of great spots. Sandbars and beaches will be the spot within the spot. Sand is great within shallow, dark water, but is

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