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Water Temp The Key To Early Summer Muskies Image Credit: Musky Hunter
Water Temp The Key To Early Summer Muskies Image Credit: Musky Hunter

Water Temp: The Key To Early Summer Muskies

There are a number of factors that come into play on any early season musky outing, but this one is arguably the most significant.

Joe Bucher

If you employ conventional tactics, your results will likely be few and far between, but if you look for areas with warmer water you’re on the way to musky success.

Spring musky fishing requires more specialized gear and an approach that respects the uniqueness of the spring period. Specifically, the transitional/seasonal change from winter to spring with increasing amounts of daylight and warmer temperatures trigger an urge in muskies that goes far beyond filling their bellies. Instead, spring musky behavior is often focused on suitable spawning sites.

While you may stumble into an occasional musky that is migrating to a breeding location, your best spring strategy is to locate spawning sites first, and work out from there. It all comes down to one simple key — warm water. A temperature gauge can be your most important piece of electronic gear during spring outings.

Generally, no matter the cover, terrain, topography or bottom content — if noticeably warmer water exists in a specific region on the lake, reservoir or river you are targeting, there are bound to be active spring muskies present. I am not implying that all the muskies in one given water system are where warm water is, but it’s a good bet that the ones in the warmer area will be much more active.

Weather and time of day also have a bearing on musky location as well as their activity mood. This includes sun exposure. For example, a shallow northeastern portion of

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