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Take 5 With Aaron Kaufman Image Credit: Hot Rod
Take 5 With Aaron Kaufman Image Credit: Hot Rod

Take 5 With Aaron Kaufman

Many of you know Aaron Kaufman only for his antics from the Fast & Loud TV show (and maybe for that glorious beard), but if you ask Aaron what he is, he will be quick to tell you he’s just a guy who likes cars.

Largely a self-taught mechanic and fabricator, Aaron has worked his way up to a prominent position as a custom car builder and has created some truly incredible hot rods over the years, and because he’s so passionate about vehicles, he has never really held a job outside of the automotive arena.

We got the chance to talk to Aaron for a Take 5 that turned into more of a Take 50; Aaron gets a little excited when you get him talking cars, but we didn’t mind one bit!

HRM What was the thing that first got you hooked on cars? 

AK We didn’t have motorsports toys growing up, but we did go to races from time to time and always went down to the Sonic car show every month. Ever since I was a little kid, I was fascinated by everything mechanical—the sound and the smell of racetracks. I remember the first time at Ennis at the dragstrip with my eyes watering from the nitro. Do I remember the defining moment— the exact second? Not necessarily. It was something that was a culmination. I tried to work other jobs. I’ve tried to do other things, and I just couldn’t do it. It’s just in my blood, and I couldn’t say exactly where I picked it up.

HRM What’s surprised you about the business of building hot rods? 

AK The argument over what labor is worth absolutel

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