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Dodo Image Credit: Military Modelcraft International
Dodo Image Credit: Military Modelcraft International


Paul Osborne returns with the story of a very special tank.

Paul Osborne

‘Dodo’ is a rather special tank, to me at least. It was Dodo that rekindled my interest in modelling after a long hiatus. Through Dodo, I came into contact with David Fletcher, and joined the excellent Landships Forum. In short, without discovering Dodo ten years ago, I would not be building or writing for MMI today.


Once the Mk.IV tank was introduced in 1917, surviving Mk.I Males were often converted into Supply Tanks to support them with additional fuel, water and ammunition. Conversion of Supply Tanks was carried out by the Central Tank Workshops in France. It involved stripping out the sponsons and installing both external and internal storage racks and bins wherever possible, allowing, of course, for engine and steering lever access for the two ‘gearsmen’.

As a result, Supply tanks are readily identifiable from their structural alterations: a roof hatch for the driver and commander, whose rearward egress was now blocked; tell-tale ‘blanking plates’ over the gun embrasures; a stowage bin on the roof; and another massive locker between the rear track horns.

My model represents Dodo as she was photographed in June 1917 at Messines Ridge. Perhaps the most famous and well-documented Mk.I Supply Tank of all, with a mind-blowing two kn

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