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SHOWTIME CLINIC MODELISTA 2019 EDITION Image Credit: Military Modelcraft International
SHOWTIME CLINIC MODELISTA 2019 EDITION Image Credit: Military Modelcraft International

Showtime -Clinic Modelista 2019 Edition

The first weekend in February saw the 5th edition of the Clinic Modelista (or ‘modelling clinic’), in Almeria, in the southeast of Spain.

This was the 4th one for me, and I was looking forward to it as always. The local club, Almeria Modelismo, decided some years ago not to do a traditional scale model show, with the requisite contest and vendors, but to go a different route altogether. The ever increasing popularity of the Clinic confirms without a doubt that they made the right decision. This year, there were eighteen separate workshops, each for a maximum of five modellers plus one monitor, who was in charge of that workshop. The workshops ranged from terrain building to various figure, armour, aircraft and Sci-Fi workshops, all focusing on different aspects for the weekend. This meant that you spent roughly 10-12 hours in the workshop you registered for (cost for the weekend was €50, plus €15 for the group lunch, if so desired). There is only space for a few vendors at the location, and a small display area for participants’ models, but then again, the Clinic is not open to the public - the modellers paid for the insights from their monitor, after all. I had the pleasure of working with David Parker this weekend, who demonstrated a range of ways in which to do weathering with acrylics. It’s one thing to read about this in magazines or online, or even seeing a demo somewhere, but quite another to sit next to the man for extended explanations and applications of the techniques, while also getting tips on your own work, whether or not you were doing the same as he was, or working on a

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