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2020 McLaren GT Image Credit: Motor Trend
2020 McLaren GT Image Credit: Motor Trend

2020 McLaren GT

A supercar for grand touring

Angus MacKenzie

The McLaren GT is not simply a kinder, gentler 720S. OK, dig and you’ll find plenty of 720S DNA. But the GT is very much its own car, specifically designed and engineered by McLaren to carry two people and their luggage across continents, in comfort and at speed. In fact, say McLaren engineers, 65 percent of the GT’s parts (by value) are unique to the car.

It starts with the carbon fiber monocoque. Dubbed Monocell II-T, it features an entirely different upper structure to that of the 720S, with sweeping rear pillars framing an opening for a large, top-hinged hatch. It’s clothed in unique body panels with simpler, less obviously aero-influenced surfacing than seen on the 720S. Although the 105.1-inch wheelbase is unchanged, the GT is about 7.8 inches longer overall.

The GT’s interior features lashings of jewel like luxury brightwork and sumptuous leathers. The seats are mounted slightly higher to improve entry and egress, and cashmere seats—a world first— will be available as an option. The infotainment system is now five times faster, has a smartphone-style interface, and delivers real-time traffic information.

The GT’s suspension is similar to that of the 720S but features spring rates optimized for comfort and refinement, plus adaptive shocks controlled by proactive damping software. Ground clearance has been increased, and McLaren claims the redesigned front end means the GT has better approach angles than eit

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