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William Image Credit: Innovation & Tech Today
William Image Credit: Innovation & Tech Today

Has a Feeling About Augmented Reality

John Gaudiosi

William James Adams is better known as to millions of music fans around the world for hits like “Let’s Get it Started” and “Where is the Love?” among many others. However, this singer-songwriter has also branched out into a diverse array of media. In fact, the co-founder of The Black Eyed Peas recently made the trek to the San Diego Comic Con to launch his new Marvel comic book, Masters of the Sun, and VR Con, a celebration of cutting-edge virtual and augmented reality technologies.

Furthermore, Adams recently invested in AR startup Mira, which launched its Prism AR smart glasses this fall for iPhone and iPad users. That investment has inspired The Black Eyed Peas to integrate AR into their 2018 world tour. In this exclusive interview, Adams talks about the impact this new technology will have on live music and his specific plans for incorporating it into his band’s upcoming tour.

Innovation & Tech Today: AR is going to change the way people experience concerts. Can you talk about what you have planned for The Black Eyed Peas tour? Yeah, if you’ve been to a concert recently, you know damn well that everyone is watching the show through this little freaking lens [brandishes his phone]. Why do we do that? The reason we do that is because we know in our freaking DNA that something is coming. And that something is an AR layer that is going to make sense of every

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