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Josh Bertrand Image Credit: Innovation & Tech Today
Josh Bertrand Image Credit: Innovation & Tech Today

Josh Bertrand


P.K. French

A proud member of Bassmaster’s 30 Anglers Under 30, Josh Bertrand is a veteran of over 60 tournaments with multiple top 10 finishes. In addition to his superior fishing talents, Bertrand’s skill in securing sponsorships has benefitted his career tremendously, with his early partnership with Smokey Mountain Snuff helping to defray the costs of expensive equipment necessary for the tournament trail. We spoke with the pro angler about the influence of tech on the world of fishing.

Innovation & Tech Today: People often view fishing and other outdoor activities as a way of getting unplugged. In the professional fishing world, how would you describe the relationship between technology and the sport?

Josh Bertrand: It’s funny, because I totally agree with you, and it’s a great way to still get out and forget about what else is going on in life. For me, I do it for a living and any advantage I can find to help me catch bass is something that I need to use. Today’s day and age, there’s a lot more available than even 10 to 15 years ago. We’ve seen a big change in the amount of electronics that we use on and off the water, and it’s really important. And now it’s one of the things that, if you’re fishing competitively, it’s not necessarily even an advantage. It’s just literally what you have to do to keep up, because everyone does it.

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