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O Data Where Art Thou Image Credit: Innovation & Tech Today
O Data Where Art Thou Image Credit: Innovation & Tech Today

O Data, Where Art Thou?

Not long after this story was written, it made its way to the cloud – shared with editors and designers before any ink hit the page.

Everin Draper

This manner of document sharing is in no way unique. Many workspaces and individuals are likely familiar with cloud-based services like Google Docs, iCloud, and Dropbox. Why pass USBs back and forth when you can just store and share content remotely? However, all of that information that we store in the cloud may not be as secure as we think.

In the information age, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of personal data on the internet. While the cloud has made storage and computing more convenient for companies and individual users alike, it’s also brought along issues regarding the spreading and sharing of personal data. And, even with the increased usage of the cloud, many people still struggle to grasp the technology. According to Statista, the number of people who use the cloud is set to hit nearly two billion by 2018. The reality is that very little of the information posted or stored on the internet is completely private.

Major hacking incidents (such as the recent Equifax breach) have forced U.S. citizens to realize that their personal information may not be as safe as they previously thought. And, when it comes to the cloud, many people don’t fully understand how to keep their storage secure. “I think the vast majority of Americans speak about the cloud, but far fewer truly understand what it is, possibly as little as 10 percent,” Dan Phillips, CEO and co-founder of CloudHealth Technologies, told Fox Busin

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