Chanda Rubin Image Credit: Tennis
Chanda Rubin Image Credit: Tennis

Chanda Rubin's US Open Memories

The US Open means a lot to this American, who once faced both Williamses in New York

Chanda Rubin

The US Open’s massive renovation is finally complete. What are your favorite memories from the old site?

RUBIN: I started out there when I was just 14. At that point, you don’t know what the future holds, but I was just excited to have the opportunity to be at Flushing Meadows. I remember walking around the old indoor area, where the locker rooms were, and seeing players like Andre Agassi. It was just surreal. I also loved playing on the Grandstand, and sneaking around to watch matches there. It’s the one loss I lament the most.

Of course, I felt incredibly honored to have played the first match on Arthur Ashe Stadium, and later sharing battles with Venus Williams out there. The 1999 doubles final was a really special, if bittersweet, moment.

What sticks with you today about that doubles final, against Venus and Serena?

As another player of color, it was interesting for me. We were the majority, which was a cool feeling. I remember tucking that away. I was very competitive and engaged during the match—and I had to be, because Venus and Serena were so intense. I think they brought more to this match, because of where we were, on the stadium court named after an icon. It’s a moment you don’t forget.

Did you have any interactions with Venus and Serena before they really emerged on tour?

After my French Open comeback in 1995 [when she s

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