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Home Decor Image Credit: Elle Decor India
Home Decor Image Credit: Elle Decor India

Canvas Of Life

Sreya and Swapan Seth’s 6,050 sq ft duplex is the perfect backdrop for bold patterns, contrasting textures and multidisciplinary artworks

Sreya Seth

Like all homes, ours has identities apart from the address it is recognised by. It is known as the home of Wazza and Henry, our two curious boxers, as well as the house of the lady in red because of the bold and arresting Fornasetti wallpaper at the entrance. Most find it memorable and it has become a point of reference for sundry handymen and delivery boys. And lastly we are rather chuffed to be collectors of eclectic things that often leave visitors muttering “interesting”. Though, when we saw the apartment for the first time, it was mired in ornate furniture, heavy mouldings and unnecessary levels. The tepid palette and polyester curtains only added to its misery. But what struck me was that the bones of the double heighted duplex were clean, simple and naturally lit. I wanted to leave this open airiness untouched. So, we stripped it of its unattractive encumbrances and built the decor around its functionality. To provide a contrast to the clean structure, I infused it with theatre and visual intrigue, starting with a statement at the entrance that was striking and whimsical.

That is how the lady in red became the leitmotif of our abode. Across the stairs, she stuns every time one enters. When you walk in, the living room to the left and dining area to the right visually appear as one composite space, owing to the use of glass partitions. The starkness of the pristine walls here is layered—a play of graphic patterns, metallic accents on deep charcoal and the contrasting textures of silk, velvet and leather—yet com

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