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Vintage Vaults Image Credit: Elle Decor India
Vintage Vaults Image Credit: Elle Decor India

Vintage Vaults

Decorated by Spanish interior designer Pablo Paniagua, this Morocco home of Maite and Paolo Bulgari of the renowned Italian label is a wunderkammer of artefacts and decadent vernacular furnishings.

Beatriz Fabian

For their home in Morocco, Maite and Paolo Bulgari dreamed of incorporating an Oriental twist. On a trip to Seville, they were amazed by the beauty of La Giralda and its similarity to the Kutubbiya Mosque in Marrakech and the Hasan Tower in Rabat. That was when they decided to look for Andalusian references. “Both Maite and Paolo have been hands-on with the project and, while they offered complete freedom, their personality shines through this house,” says interior designer Pablo Paniagua. “All or nothing” became the mantra for the Malaga decorator. He drew every design detail of the riad in Marrakech for this expansive property, which is located in the heart of the old town. “To create a language different from what is largely understood by the West”, Paniagua diligently pursued several lines of study, delving into Islamic craftsmanship and French Orientalist art to understand “traditional interior styles that existed before the arrival of the Europeans.”

From Granada inlay work to Syrian gold and silver craft, Moroccan woodwork to Egyptian alabaster— none of the ornate elements employed are foreign to Morocco. “It is a melting pot of cultures,” says Paniagua, “We’ve collected objects from four of the country’s imperial cities—Meknes, Rabat, Fez and Marrakech—Egyptian alabaster, some French brush strokes and ad hoc designs.” Excluding these, the owners ensured everything else was procured solely from Moro

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