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Rhythm Blues Image Credit: Elle Decor India
Rhythm Blues Image Credit: Elle Decor India

Rhythm & Blues

Nestled in the garden city’s lush outskirts , FADD Studio crafts a sprawling, landscaped holiday home using Zen as well as tropical elements.

Farah Ahmed And Dhaval Shellugar

This 10,000 sq ft abode serves as a sanctuary from the chaos of the city. Like most, this client wanted a house that reflected their personalities and tastes. The couple, owners of a successful travel company (which they recently sold off) and being well-travelled themselves, their perspectives are broader. They wanted a place that provided a canvas for experimentation and excitement; to pair international sensibility with quirk and style, and one they could keep coming back to for warmth, peace and tranquillity.

Set within a tropical and lush gated community on the outskirts of Bengaluru, this holiday home is unassuming with its grey exterior and Prussian blue columns. A long passageway with horizontal slats leads the way to the main entrance. While the porch has an old Mandarin bench and an abacus with a red little hand from Phillips Antiques, the main door opens into the foyer and living room. The two zones are separated by a simple cement partition, which displays an artwork by Manish Sharma.

In contrast to the understated exterior, the interiors boast a bold and dramatic appeal. Meticulously detailed tiles in vibrant blue, soft peach and muted grey by Bharat Floorings—used throughout the living spaces—impart a chic and rhythmic energy to the space. This geometry continues onto the ceiling, using thin slatted pinewood that curves at the pa

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