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Surreal Synthesis Image Credit: Elle Decor India
Surreal Synthesis Image Credit: Elle Decor India

Surreal Synthesis

With the Hybridism series, São Paulo based designer duo Humberto and Fernando Campana delve into the artistic realm of personal expression and social commentary.

Aneesha Bhadri

A chair resembling a fictitious beast rising from the depths of the sea, its scaly body graceful against the deep blue walls from which it seems to emerge; a wall shelf teeming with life, its golden form oozing primitive creatures. These are just two of 15 otherworldly furniture objects that celebrate Estudio Campana’s sculptural experiments. Featuring material complexity, the intuitively crafted collection amalgamates animal forms, anthropomorphic shapes and natural textures, adapting the São Paulo based Campana Brothers’ versatility and resourcefulness. “Our works express a oneiric ‘upside down’ world. We put together unexpected materials that spark intrigue in the minds of those who interact with them. We are storytellers of sombre as well as joyous moments, encompassing everything that affects us. Hybridism is an example of that,” says Humberto. Part of the collection is the Noah series, which includes a bench made of thick strips of specialised woven fabric—a result of the duo’s extensive research and experiments with materials—that leave the observer with a surrealist impression. The series gets its moniker from the thematic exploration of Noah’s Ark, presenting it as the origin of species and serves to highlight the importance of preserving wildlife.

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