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Architecture Image Credit: Elle Decor India
Architecture Image Credit: Elle Decor India

A True Oasis

Set in the prehistoric, crimson desert landscape in the UAE, the sturdy 86,000 sq ft Al Faya Lodge is built on sand, literally

Aneesha Bhadri

Knotty Narrative

The Carpet Cellar introduces two new series of floor coverings made of lush silks and warm wool

After more than four decades of dealing in antique carpets, modern rugs, kilims, dhurries and shawls, The Carpet Cellar has launched two new collections, designed by Dhruv Chandra. Inspired by architectonics and legendary architects such as Tadao Ando, Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Kahn, the Architectural series features hand knotted carpets in fine wool and soft silk. Highlighting the simplicity of modern design, the carpets come in hues of charcoal grey and beige with hints of blue. The other collection is the Jamewar carpet range inspired by traditional Jamewar shawls that have been popularised by Indian nobility and aristocracy. Made of bamboo silk and naturally dyed wool, these rugs lend an intriguing illusion— they appear to be lighter in colour when viewed from one side and darker from the other. Mimicking the colour palette of the famous shawls, the collection comes in bold jewel tones set against classic shades of cream and ivory. The Jamewar range is available at The Carpet Cellar, MG Road, Sultanpur, while the Architecture range is available at The Carpet Cellar, 1 Anand Lok, August Kranti Marg, New Delhi.

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