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VIBRANT WEAVES Image Credit: Elle Decor India
VIBRANT WEAVES Image Credit: Elle Decor India

Vibrant Weaves

The new luxury retail space of the eponymous brand Sarita Handa, designed by architect Amit Chhabra, revives the glory of art and textile design, just as its Founder and Creative Director envisioned

Aneesha Bhadri

The colours of the multi-hued cushions strewn over plush sofas augment in the natural light that streams through the large windows. The furniture showcases upholstery resplendent in deep jewel tones and summery pastels. The white walls of the expansive space set the stage for this stunning display.

Spread across 1800sqft, the new Sarita Handa store in the upscale Defence Colony area of South Delhi exudes an inviting, contemporary chic aura. The first thing you notice when you walk in is the carpet by Mishcat Co., a brand that shares Sarita Handa’s dedication to sustainability. The one-of-a-kind carpet is a fine outcome of the creative use of waste saree yarn by the independent weavers and artisans of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. One look around the store affirms the creative visionary’s love for detail, artisanal crafts and textiles. Architect Amit Chhabra says, “The layout reflects how Sarita Handa celebrates a multifaceted perspective of true luxury.” Suparna Handa, Brand Director of Sarita Handa and joint winner of EDIDA 2017 in the bedroom category, captures the essence of the new store in a nutshell, “The store’s colour palette is clean, understated and the play of warm natural light gives it finesse.” There is innate dynamism in the colours and patterns, but with subtle restraint that subdues the vibrancy to an enticing allure. The brand endeavours to revive ancient Indian needlework, but with cross-culturally inspired

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