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KEEPING IT ROOTED Image Credit: Elle Decor India
KEEPING IT ROOTED Image Credit: Elle Decor India

Keeping It Rooted

International style icon Loulou Polak realised founder Sanjay Garg’s vision of functional minimalism at Raw Mango’s newest outpost in Delhi’s Lodhi Colony

Nitija Shastri

At the entrance of Raw Mango’s newest address in Delhi, a towering archway opens into a white-washed courtyard, surrounded by vibrant bougainvillaea, a blossoming pomegranate tree and traditional artwork. Located in the upscale Lodhi Colony, this 4,750 sq ft branch has been envisioned by its founder Sanjay Garg and visual creative director Adityan Melekalam, and realised by international style maven Loulou Polak. The store’s inner courtyard as well as its interiors have been conceptualised as an allusion to grander imperial structures, such as the marble sculpture of Neptune in the outdoor plaza. Garg’s penchant for tasteful visual campaigns has also played a pivotal role in the spatial design of this textile brand’s third store. In keeping with the founder’s “precise vision”, Polak has designed the space devoid of fabricladen displays or saree-clad mannequins. “Our retail environments have bare walls with practical almirah displays. The visual merchandising is restricted and the overall design does not lend itself to impulsive shopping,” says Garg.

Shedding light on the ambience of the store, Melekalam adds, “We always try to create an experience like that of a gallery or museum. It lets visitors observe and introspect, instead of being bombarded with products or information.” In the same vein, Raw Mango’s store is replete with beguiling artworks and pieces, placed in passageways and on shelves.

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