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MATTEO CIBIC Image Credit: Elle Decor India
MATTEO CIBIC Image Credit: Elle Decor India

Matteo Cibic

Behind the scenes, across the sketchpad of global designers: Discover the stimulus behind their inspired creations


A visit to Rajasthan inspired the Wunderkammern collection. India has an incredible history and a fantastic visual grammar, which is still unexplored globally. I decided to use the rugs to tell exciting stories about the Pink City. I have taken elements from its stunning architecture, ancient paintings and distinctive sundials, and brought them to life using pastel shades of pink, rose, orange and peach.


I designed the Wunderkammern as a tribute to the vibrant city of Jaipur, its monuments, palaces, natural beauty and culture. To begin with, I sketched my ideas, which were converted into digital designs. Based on the illustrations made by Jaipur Rugs’ research and development team, I finalised the colours and materials. The manufacturing process of these long-lasting objects then began in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh in an attempt to forge an emphatic connection with users.


The collection gets its moniker from Wunderkammern, the cabinets of curiosities that were popular in the mid-16th century in Europe. This series of carpets for Jaipur Rugs are akin to these repositories of wondrous and exotic objects. They give you different glimpses of contemporary India. The range is very pop, graphic and colourful and showcases the rich heritage of the country in a contemporary context. From a minimalistic space with a neutral palette to a maximalistic haven ablaze

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