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SETTING THE TONE Image Credit: Elle Decor India
SETTING THE TONE Image Credit: Elle Decor India

Setting The Tone

The spirit of modernity and fusion suffuse with the open and colourful layout of this Mumbai apartment designed by architect Annkur Khosla

Annkur Khosla

I believe the relationship between the client and the architect is a unique one. Mystically the client and I met at various intervals in life – reinstating a karmic connection which eventually culminated into a working project. The house was designed to accommodate the needs of a growing family and the youthfulness of the couple contributed to the contemporary culture of the house.

The entire space is approximately 4,900 sq ft, including the gardens and terraces, and is located in a new complex close to the mill area of new urbane Mumbai, where apartment living abounds. The nature of the project, having three split levels with a small garden attached and overlooking vast landscaped areas, set base for bungalow living in the heart of urbanity. The concept was to create a well integrated home where the connection between spaces was fluid yet defined through custom designed screens. Transitions were defining points of the project – they act as apertures or windows in different shapes and sizes.

My skills in architectural ingenuity were put to test while devising the structural integration between the split levels as each cutout between the slabs was different. The staircase design had to negotiate between climbing distances and working head room heights using minimum area to traverse. The project had several other challenges on the way du

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